Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Yorkshire Regiments receiving the freedom of the City of Wakefield back in March 2010. For the Heroes still with us and for those we have lost let us always be thankful. We may not all agree with the War they are caught up in but we must all support our Heroes!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Panaramic image of Xscape Glasshoughton. Whether you want to Ski, Snowboard or have fun on a sledge the real snow of SnowZone is the place to be. If Skateboarding is your thing or if you just want to have a meal or watch a movie its all here under one roof. The shops mainly cater to the sport minded with Skiwear Hiking gear etc but with Junction32 Outlet Village just over the road and B&Q just a stones throw away you will be well catered for no matter what the occasion. Yes there are roadworks and delays but that just means more parking space and a little longer to queue when leaving.


Dawn Yesterday morning 04:30 and a warm glow in the sky above Carleton gave promice of a beaut day ahead. This Blogger's Eye view brought to you by The Pontefract Eye.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

The view from Jubilee Way's Footbridge across one of the older parts of Pontefract, with the Pomfret Gallery and Ferrybridge C Centre Stage so to speak. The power station providing light to the town the gallery bringing light of a different kind maybe, perhapse in the form of a framed photograph or indeed a water colour image of Pontefract?

The Blogger's shadow is loose, if you see it please report it's movements. RobinHood2010 is lost without it, in fact you might say he's a Shadow of His Former Self... Ok maybe it's just me that would say it! I will endevor to bring you unusual views of Pontefract and hope that you enjoy this Blogger's Eye View.

The Valley Gardens in Pontefract, an ideal spot for those Wedding Photograps in Spring Time with the blossoms gently falling as Bride and Groom strole hand in hand along the path...


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Remember the last Tory Government? I Do!
They did nothing for me then and they'll do even less this time round...
This once proud Nation reduced to the laughing stock of Europe, Lap Dog to the USA or anyone else whose bank balance is Big enough!
RobinHood2010 may not hold all the answers but I'm pretty sure Camerons head holds even fewer!


Here we go, from left to right The Malt Shovel in a sweeping panoramic view past (Lest We Forget) The War Memorial and finally The Green Dragon.


Monday, June 26, 2006

Men at work

This British Telecom engineer enjoys a bit of the high life up in the greenery of Wakefield Road.

Friday, June 23, 2006

A journey to Leeds...

Here are some shots I took from the Pontefract-Leeds bus a few weeks ago:

Here the bus is going round the Exscape complex. Note the wild sky, and the reflected image of the bus windows.

Coming away from Exscape, here is a stark silhouette of the old colliery wheel at Glasshoughton, which now serves as a memorial to the mining industry.

Now coming into Leeds, numerous cranes dominate the skyline as more city apartment buildings are constructed.

Crossing the bridge coming into Leeds, here we see some of the new apartment buildings on the river, not far from the Royal Armouries.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rain, rain, rain ...

... and not only that, but dark as well. I've heard about theories of global dimming, and on days like this I wonder if they are true. Today I wondered if it was worth taking the camera out with me, but then stuffed it in my pocket all the same, and captured a few images.

First up, we have a view up Halfpenny Lane from the "ramp" that connects it with King Street and Love Lane.

Here we have a few little flowers growing out of a wall, which I would not have thought would be their ideal habitat. Well, it just goes to show, life can thrive in the oddest of places.

Finally, I thought I would throw in yet another view of Pontefract's ubiquitous sandstone crags and cliffs, most likely formed through quarrying and road building in the past. These are some of the highest and most dramatic, and are near Halfpenny Lane. I don't think I would like to live in the little house perched at the top.